Background information
First appearance: Ted
Latest appearance: Ted
Portrayer: Aedin Mincks
Character information
Full name: Robert
Other names: Fat Kid (by John and Ted)
Tubby McFat Fuck (briefly by Ted)
Susan Boyle (briefly by Ted)
Personality: Spoiled, mean, arrogant, greedy
Appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes
Birthday: 2000s
Age: 10 / 11
Occupation: None
Home: Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Family and relatives: Donny (father), his grandfather
Friends: Ted, Donny
Enemies: John Bennett, Ted (sometimes), Lori Collins, Sam J. Jones, Tami-Lynn McCafferty
Likes: Teddy bears, Ted, always getting what he wants
Dislikes: Profanity, Ted running away from him, Ted dying, not getting what he wants, Donny punishing him
Quotes: “NO!...YOU...CAN’T...HAVE...MY...TEDDY BEAR!!!”

Robert is the secondary antagonist of Ted. He is Donny's son who also admires Ted and wants to capture him.

At the end of the first film, the narrator revealed that Robert got a personal trainer, lost a lot of weight and goes on to become Taylor Lautner.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

After he was born, Donny promised to let him have anything he wants. Robert grew up as a spoiled child who always got everything and was quite grateful for this.

In Ted[edit | edit source]

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In Ted 2[edit | edit source]

Robert does not return in the sequel. It is unknown what happened to him as he is never mentioned.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Robert is very spoiled, mean, arrogant, and greedy. He is almost as unhinged and mental as Donny: He hates it when he cannot get what he wants and would attack anyone who might upset him. Robert is also sheltered and gullible, willing to believe anything Ted told him so, as long as he said it politely.

At one point in the first film, Robert told Ted he once said a swear word and his father punished him for it by spanking him (or, as Robert calls it, "gave him an ouch"). He then told Ted he now has to give him "an ouch" and then proceeded to rip Ted's left ear off and throw it across the room as punishment for swearing.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Robert is sometimes thought to be the tertiary antagonist of the first film.
  • Due to his weight problem, Ted usually calls him "The Fat Kid."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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